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PTSD is something I assumed was just for military and veterans. I have been through my fair share abuses and traumas and my husband has been through even more than me but I never knew that it could lead to anything more than depression.

My husband always said that he felt like his brain was “breaking” that something was wrong. We didn’t know what was happening and the blame game took ahold of our marriage.

For four years we struggled to stay togther. Every day was teetering on his moods and my insecurities. One beautiful daughter and a new pregnancy later we sought counseling. It became clear in only two sessions that something was gravely wrong with my husband. After a massive panic attack and meeting with the therapist we finally had solid answers and a hope for our future. He was officially diagnosed with severe PTSD.

My goal for this blog is to hopefully let others know that this journey is not isolated to just the person suffering but that it takes a hold of everyone involved. Our family is going through this with him. No, we do not suffer as he does but we take the brunt of the symptoms and are left to fill in the voids on our own. We are not perfect and I, most of all, sometimes struggle to love him well, especially, when my tank runs empty. But we have love and we have eachother.

My hope is that we make it to the other side together.

This is just my life…day to day… through this healing process and where it takes us.




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